The KBA was formed twenty two years ago by a group of people interested in various aspects of blacksmithing.

The KBA is a regional group, and an affiliate of the Artist Blacksmith Association of North America (ABANA), the world’s largest organization of blacksmiths.

Originally composed of members living in the Kootenay region of south-east British Columbia, Canada, the group now has about 45 members ranging from the Okanagan region of BC to southern Alberta.

Our members range from full-time professional smiths, part-time smiths, and  hobbyists. Membership is open to all!

We meet officially twice a year, in the spring and fall, and occasionally a one-day hammer-in will take place among members living close together.

Our latest event was the 2017 Fall Conference, a one day event on 7th of October, at Kimberley, This was a one-day event which took place on the street outside the Centre 64 Art Gallery. A forge and tools were supplied by Tony Austin and demonstrations were an ongoing event all afternoon. This was followed by a short meeting, kept even shorter than usual because of a cold wind. Thanks to Tony for supplying the tools and steel and Centre 64 for the loan of of the canopies in case of rain.


We have a new batch of KBA t-shirts for sale at $15 each. They come in black, red, dark blue and khaki. These will be available at the spring event in May 2018.


Sundre table


Here is a picture of the table that was auctioned in November 2009 to benefit the Sundre Public Library.

Members at the fall conference that year made the components on the Sunday and it was assembled the following week by Chris Waters.

Barry McElheeny of Sundre supplied the pine top.

Follow-up to the table project:

“The Sundre Library would like to thank the KBA for their contribution to the Tables for Tales charity auction. It raised $400.00 for the library.  The funds raised during the event will go to improving literature inventories. Thank-you again”.